Lumicell Wave 4 

The Lumicell Wave 4 is the only cellulite management system that combines four technologies to successfully target all cellulite-related problems.

  • Heavy legs
  • Orange peel appearance
  • Dimpling of the skin
  • Localized fat deposits
  • Skin contour irregularities

How does the Lumicell Wave 4 work?
During treatment, 3 phases are used to consecutively target specific subcutaneous and adipose layers.

  • The powerful vacuum massage improves circulation and loosens the fibrous bands around the fat deposits that cause skin dimpling while the infrared light warms-up the tissue form within, rendering it more receptive to the rolling action of the treatment head, stretching the fibrous bands visibly improve the skin’s appearance.
  • The Electroporation phase is used to infuse natural fat dissolving substance into the fatty layeres, leading to the liberation of stored fat.
  • The Ultrasound will be used to boost heat in the protein layers, increasing collagen production and restoring tissue elasticity, further disabling the cellulite process. All three energy sources are used consecutively in order to achieve optimal results.

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Alpha Spa System (aka Alpha Capsule™)

Improve your health and change your life! Alpha Spa System performs spa treaments by integrating wellness therapies and traditional beauty treatments. Alpha helps you reduce stress and tap the resources of your own body to stimulate natural healing, better health, and well being. Computerized programs are used, as well as dry heat sauna, soothing massage vibration and audio program provide the perfect environment to distress, relax, heal and rejuvente. For best visible results: 2-3 times every week. 

The benefits include: 

  • encourages weight loss and metabolic stimulation
  • promotes perspiration and detoxification
  • reduces water retention
  • relaxes and relieves stress
  • soothes sore muscles
  • accelerates recovery after exercise or injury
  • enhances deep sleep
  • burns calories equivalent to brisk walking
  • increases blood circulation
  • relieves aches and pains
  • cleanses skin and beautifies complexion

55 mins – $35
Package of 10 – $250

Lumicell Touch (aka LCT) 

The innovative Lumicell Touch applies light-based technology to the treament of cellulite. This treatment combines the benefits of infrared and magenta light with vacuum subdermal (deep tissue) massage. It is able to trigger a regenerative process in the cell resulting in firmer and smoother-looking skin.

The Lumicell Touch infrared light is beneficial for your cell’s metabolism. Magenta light has anti-aging properties. The subdermal tissue massage is high effective in reducing cellulite. It facilitates reoxygenation of the skin, increased tissue blood circulation, reduces muscular tension, and facilitates lymphatic circulation.

For best visible results: 2-3 times every week.

60 mins – $85
Package of 10 – $620 

Infrared 360°

EPS Infrared Slimming Light is the best treatment for slimming. The latest model (2005 model) uses infrared as well as yellow, green and blue light sources to provide the most effective cellulite reduction, firming and toning. It provides Lymphatic Drainage, Lypolisis, Cellulite Reduction, Muscle Toning, Relax Varicose. For best visible results: 2 times every week. 

60 mins – $85
Package of 11 – $660 

Proellixe Vibration

VibroRollage®, the aesthetic/wellness concept using Proellixe-Vibration, works by itself and synonymous with an overall body treatment that feels and acts as a skin rolling massage with a thousand micro-rollers. For best visible results: 2-3 times every week.

  • Easy: just stand up on the platform holding the handle bar effortlessly.
  • Effortless: no physical strain is necessary to achieve one’s goal.
  • Simple: just “feel” the action of the “waving” motion spreading throughout the body and triggering the areas of concern.

10 Minutes of VibroRollage® = 1 Hour at the Gym

10 mins – $15
Package of 20 – $200 

ProWave Ice 

ProWave Ice treatment requires no incisions or downtime. This treatment stimulates the gradual growth of new collagen and the procedure temporarily reduces wrinkles and renews facial and body contours. The ProWave Ice System delivers RF (radio frequency) energy to the tissues for aesthetic and therapeutic effect while simultaneously colling to preserve the epidermal layer. Maximum benefits are recognized after a series of sessions. 

40 mins – $85
Package of 10 – $600 


Basic Body Package

Ten sessions of Alpha Spa System and Lumicell Touch treatments.


Ultimate Body Package

Twenty sessions of Alpha Spa System and Lumicell Touch, eleven sessions of Infrared 360° treatments.


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