Soli Light Treatment *NEW*

The Soli-Lite can be used as a standalone therapy or as a combination therapy with a wide variety of treatments. Four proven wavelengths are used to trigger cell reaction at three levels: photon absorption, cell signaling, and cell response. By spending 10 minutes under the panel, your cells will be stimulated without causing any damage or side effects. 

30mins – $75
Package of 10 – $550
Package of 10 – $750

SmoothSkin STD Face Lifting *NEW*

STD (Synchronize Technologies Delivery) just arrived our salon. The power of 5 “Age Reversal” technology. This unique ergonomic treatment head combines five proven “Remodelling” technologies, delivering them simultaneously through a single treatment head, providing a remarkably effective treatment in a fraction of the time. 

  • The power of 5 “Age Reversal” technologies
  • Delivered through one treatment head simultaneously
  • IN just one 30-minute treatment

30 mins – $95
Package of 10 – $660 

LHE Hair Removal  *NEW*

LHE works on the principle of selective photothermalysis but uniquely utilizes both Light and Heat energy to achieve maximum efficiency. 

LHE targets melanin in the hair shaft, and then converts light to heat inside the follicle. The additional heat further elevates the temperature to reach coagulation temperature at a much lower fluence than conventional IPL devices. Future hair growth is inhibited and often prevented. 

To bring down the energy levels and increase safety, LHE relies on the synergetic relationship between Light and Heat to create an efficient photo thermal technique. With its unique light and heat combination, LHE maximizes the heat effect on the follicle without damaging the surrounding tissue. 

Ask us, starting from $200

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